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COMBO Lithium700 & Namib240 Solar Panel (with 10m cable)

COMBO Lithium700 & Namib240 Solar Panel (with 10m cable)

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The combo consists of;

  • Namib240W portable solar panel with Teflon-encapsulation and shingled cell technology
  • Lithium700 portable power station. UPS, metal casing, ultra quiet fan
  • 10m cable set with original Anderson SB50 grey connectors


  • The solar panel connects directly into the Lithium700 portable power station. The 10m cable allows to position the panel in the sun, while the Lithium700 is in the shade. Plug and play. Integrated MPPT in Lithium700 power station. 
  • Collapsible supporting legs tilt panel at 45 degrees delivering more power during winter months and early morning / late afternoon
  • Each solar panel can be secured with ground pegs or rope against wind

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  • Complete energy system
  • Park in Shade, Panel in the Sun
  • additional re-charge from mains AC and 12V car 
  • 1 x Namib240 Watt foldable solar panel with unique serial number. Teflon-encaspulation and shingled solar cell technology.
  • 1 x Lithium240 portable power station with complete accessories
  • 1 x 10m extension cable with original Anderson SB50 grey connectors
Rated Output, STC
  • 240 Watts
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Answers to Customers' Common Questions

What do you need to know about this product?

Is the device noisy? How noisy?

No, this is one of the quietest devices that we have used, and make less noise than a standard PC tower extractor fan, which only runs when the unit needs to be cooled, when in full use, discharging your equipment.