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Mecer 330W Solar Panel PV Module - Polycrystalline

Mecer 330W Solar Panel PV Module - Polycrystalline

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Widely using of the most popular and mature type of modules for on-grid system.

Leading manufacturing technology in PV industry, strictly controlling the quality of raw materials and the process of producing.

100% EL inspection, ensures modules are defects free.

Cells binned by current to improve module performance.

Anti reflective glass. Not only to increase the light absorption, but also to make the module has the function of self-deaning in water environment, effectively reducing the power loss caused by dust.

Outstanding performance in low-light irradiance environments.

Excellent mechanical load resistance.

Certified to withstand high wind loads(2400pa) and snow loads(5400pa).

High salt and ammonia resistance

Positive power tolerance:0-+5w

What's in the box

  • 1 x 330W Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
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Answers to Customers' Common Questions

What do you need to know about this product?

Is the device noisy? How noisy?

No, this is one of the quietest devices that we have used, and make less noise than a standard PC tower extractor fan, which only runs when the unit needs to be cooled, when in full use, discharging your equipment.