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20A PWM Solar Regulator with large LCD screen

20A PWM Solar Regulator with large LCD screen

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Intelligent 3-stage PWM charge controller with large LCD display: bulk, boost/equalize and float. Suitable for sealed, gel and flooded lead acid batteries.

Monitor system performance and change settings via the large LCD display. Stores historical data. 

  • Max. charge/load current 20A.
  • 12 / 24VDC automatic.
  • Compatible with most lead-acid battery types.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Common positive grounding.
  • Connect the load to dedicated port for increased efficiency and reduced losses.
  • Dimensions 160 x 95 x 49mm.
  • Max. cable wire cross section 10mm2.
  • Weight 350g.
  • Optional battery temperature sensor.

Manufactured with high-quality components from Infineon, ST, and IR ensuring a very long service life.

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Answers to Customers' Common Questions

What do you need to know about this product?

Is the device noisy? How noisy?

No, this is one of the quietest devices that we have used, and make less noise than a standard PC tower extractor fan, which only runs when the unit needs to be cooled, when in full use, discharging your equipment.