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Mecer Inverter Battery Charger with Intelligent Fan

Mecer Inverter Battery Charger with Intelligent Fan

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  • Mecer DC-AC Inverter. (Modified Sine Wave)
  • Cables to connect the unit to a battery are included.
  • A 220V power cable is included to recharge the battery while the power is on.
  • May be used as an inverter (to power 220V devices such as TVs from a battery) or a UPS (runs the device from the standard 220V power while the battery charges).
  • LCD Display
  • Intelligent FAN
  • 12-month warranty on the inverter.
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Answers to Customers' Common Questions

What do you need to know about this product?

Is the device noisy? How noisy?

No, this is one of the quietest devices that we have used, and make less noise than a standard PC tower extractor fan, which only runs when the unit needs to be cooled, when in full use, discharging your equipment.