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REVOV CUBE 800 - All-In-One Backup System 4.2kW

REVOV CUBE 800 - All-In-One Backup System 4.2kW

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All-in-one backup system perfect for small business

Compact fully integrated all-in-one backup system perfect for small business and homes.
REVOV CUBE comes in two storage sizes 5kWh/10kWh with either one or two of REVOV’s
preprogrammed 2nd LiFe R100 batteries, a pre-cabled BMS and a 5Kw inverter with 80A MPPT.
Its cubed shape makes it easy to fit under any counter space and it’s housed in a protective cabinet, keeping it clean and dust free.
Making the complete 5.1kWh/10.2kWh CUBE unit incredible for residential or small businesses requiring backup power.
Product Summary
The REVOV CUBE is a compact, fully integrated, and all-in-one backup system with pre-programmed 5kVA inverter with 4000W MPPT, pre-connected batteries 5.1kWh/10.2kWh and BMS. The entire unit contains all the necessary wiring and correct fusing, thereby making it quick to install and easy to store. The complete 5.1kWh /10.2kWh units are perfect for residential or small businesses requiring backup. This DC system stores energy, detects grid status, and automatically supplies your home or business when the national grid is compromised.

Product specifications

  • Expected lifetime of 10+ years/ 3 500 cycles
  • Pre-configured UPS with optimal parameters for supplying backup power
  • Integrated BMS with CANbus and RS485
  • Quick Installation
  • Neat and compact making it easy to store

Available in two options:- 5.1kWh /100Ah or 10.2kWh / 200Ah.

Key Features

  • The CUBE is a 5kVA 5.1kWh/10.2kWh pre-configured UPS Inverter with an immediate backup transition from grid to battery power
  • Provision for the attachment of solar panels with built-in MPPT solar charge controller, capable of 4000W input at 130VDC
  • Warranted for daily cycling with built in protection
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Output- long-lasting and safe, with no damage to appliances
  • Optional monitoring function
  • Three phase & parallel configurations available on request (3 CUBE units) 

Note: The CUBE is not IP rated so the unit must be installed indoors.

A qualified installer and/or electrician will need to install the CUBE.

Warranty c/o REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD:

  • 10 years or 3,500 cycles at 1 cycle per day.
  • 1 year warranty for MUST inverter used in the CUBE.

When used properly every day the CUBE can be safely discharged to 100% of its rated 100Ah or 200Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond its rated Ah capacity. Battery must be charged to 100% SoC on every cycle to ensure warranty and 100% SoC alignment.

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Answers to Customers' Common Questions

What do you need to know about this product?

Is the device noisy? How noisy?

No, this is one of the quietest devices that we have used, and make less noise than a standard PC tower extractor fan, which only runs when the unit needs to be cooled, when in full use, discharging your equipment.